Catchin’ up with Chris

     Sooo… it’s been a while. a really, really long while. With everything else that I’ve had going on, I’ve really been putting the blog on the back burner, and I honestly feel pretty out of touch with you all. Which is why we’re going to have a little catch up session right now.
     Junior year has definitely been busy, but the things I’ve been busy with haven’t been all that bad. Amongst the late night panic attacks about calculus and barely-met yearbook deadlines, I’ve been able to go out more often with friends and i even got a Disneyland annual pass! It’s been a balance of work and play, and I think it’s finally come to point where my parents trust me to get everything done without being cooped up in the house 24/7 (bless their hearts for finally believing in me).
     With the semester finally over, and all academic thoughts stored away for the next two weeks, I’m more than ready to get back in the kitchen. I’m planning on stocking up on blog content over the break so that we can be more consistent this next year (New Years Resolution??). So keep your eyes peeled for some good stuff because it’s headed your way very very soon!

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